TPMS Relearn Tool

TPMS Relearn Tool

TPMS Relearn Tool- Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tires… such a critical component to your car or truck.  Many newer vehicles come with a TPMS system that monitors your tire pressures.  These are small sensors that are mounted inside of your vehicle wheels that tell your cars computer if your tire pressure is in good shape. That is where the subject of this article comes in.  The simple TPMS relearn tool.

Why Do You Need A TPMS Relearn Tool?

Recently my wife and I were taking a short trip to a restaurant and were driving on the interstate.  My truck notified me of “Low Tire Pressure” on my drivers side front tire.  I quickly pulled off to the side of the interstate and discovered that the tire that was leaking was actually my front passenger tire.  It was no big deal really, thanks to the notification I was able to quickly temporarily repair my tire with a tire plug kit and refill my tire with my portable air compressor.

I was a little confused as to why my trucks computer told me hat it was my drivers side tire when it was really my passenger tire.  A little googling around and I found out the issue.  I had rotated my tires and had not reprogramed my trucks computer to know where each tire actually was.

For this, I needed a TPMS Reset tool

Since I have a GM truck I needed to purchase a Tool that was compatible with my truck.

Maybe you do not do your own tire rotations but you can always keep one of these tools handy for when you have your tires rotated or replaced to ensure that your computer relearns the right tire.  One of those “trust but verify” things with your local shop.

How to Use a TPMS Relearn Tool

Here is an affiliate link to the actual tool that I used.

Using the tool took a few minutes to figure out.  But it is actually really simple.   You will need to put your vehicle in “Relearn” mode and for that you will  need to consult your specific owners manual.  For my 2022 Silverado, I turned the truck to accessory mode (or you can start it), then I simply scrolled through my menu until I got to the screen that displayed all of the Tire Pressures.  I then held down “OK” on my steering wheel until my truck chirped and went into the relearn mode.

For my application I start with the Drivers front tire, then to he Passenger front, then to the passenger rear, and then to the drivers rear tire.

Basically, all you do is press the antenna against the the sidewall of the tire, about an inch up the tire sidewall from the valve stem.  I then press the button, the tool flashes a green LED for a few seconds and I hold the tool against the sidewall until I hear the truck chirp.

After that you just move on to the next tire.  Once you finish all four, you are all done and good to go!

Where Can You Buy this Tool?

There are several places you can pick up a TPMS Relearn Tool.  My favorite place is Amazon and I have a link to the tool I used here.

VXDAS GM TPMS Relearn Tool

There are other options (which I wish I would have thought of because my wife has a Lincoln) that allow you to reset the TPMS in multiple brands of cars.  Here is a tool that works with the following vehicles:

Austin Martin
Rolls Royce

At the end of the day.. this is the tool I recommend

Here is a video from our YouTube Channel








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